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Question: Usage of the refrigerator’s water reservoir assembly HB25FSSAAA



 This model of refrigerator features a water reservoir assembly which is put into the left door assembly. The water pump that is set into the refrigerator’s left door assembly extracts water from the water reservoir assembly, and pumps it via the water piping into the semiautomatic icemaker’s small freezer drawer.

    Users need to manually fill the water reservoir assembly with water. The filling method is as per the following

1. Turn the vertical ridges 90 degrees. Press the buttons on both sides of the water reservoir assembly.

2.After firmly pressing in the push buttons, make the water reservoir assembly level and then gently pull it out forward.

3. Remove the lid on the back of the water reservoir assembly,Reattach the lid.

4. When you need to reinstall it, you can reinstall it by reversing the above operation procedures.

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