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Question: Temperature set for model BD-203


To prevent temperature being modified accidentally,the control resistant to turning .

To vary the setting,please use a coin or screwdriver.

Switch on:Turn the control to the level you required between  Min (warmer) and Max(colder).

Indicator lights means:

Green=Control (The appliance is running)   Red=Alarm(Interior temperature too high)

Yellow=Super freeze indicator(if available) :Press button marked with yellow to activate the super freeze function,the yellow light turns on.Press the button again to switch it off.

Note:1.The super freeze function will be switched off automatically after 56 hours to save energy.2. When the super freeze switch on ,the thermostat function is disabled.


If you could not set temperature,please check:

1.Check if freezer is powered on ---Green light is on?

If yes,please check if power is failure and please try another power supply

If no,please re-plug the power.

2.Check if our freezer has super freeze function and this function is activated?

Reason:When the super freeze switch is on ,the thermostat function is disabled.

Solution:Please set the temperature after super freeze function stopped.

3.Set the control on 3~4 position to observe if food could be freeze.


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