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Question: Error Code-control panel display "Err5"


Error Message:No water entering the washing machine or the water could not reach the required water level within the required time (controlled by  PCB software ).

Reason 1. Water tap is not turned on or water pressure is too low.

Solution 1. Make sure that tap is turned on, and water pressure is normal. If the water pressure is low, wait for normal pressure to return.

Reason 2. Water inlet hose is not connected to water tap and washing machine.

Solution 2. Re-connect the water inlet hose to water tap and washing machine without any water leakage.

Reason 3. Drain hose end is lower than 80cm above the floor level. Water is draining out when at the same time the washing machine trying to fill.

Solution 3. Install drain hose to  80-100 cm above the floor level.

Reason 4. The end of drain hose is in water so the water draining out at the same time the washing machine trying to fill because of siphon effect.

Solution 4. Make sure the drain hose is not in water.

If  the error is still exist, please unplug the machine and turn the water tap off, then call for service.

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