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Question: How to clean the pump filter for HW120-B1558


Clean the front filter A(fig.1) once a month and check the pump filter for instance if the appliance:

Doesn’t drain the water.

Doesn’t spin.

Cause unusual noise while running.


1.Start spinning program and drain out the water.
2.After program end turn appliance off and unplug the appliance(fig. 2).
3.Open service flap of filter A by using a coin or a screwdriver(fig. 3).
4. Provide a flat container (1) to catch leach water(fig. 4). There could be bigger amounts!
5. Pull the drain hose(2) out and hold its end above the container.


Scalding Risk! Water in the pump filter can be very hot! Before any action please ensure water has cooled down.


6. Take the sealing plug(3) out of the drain hose.

7. After complete drainage, close the drain hose and slide it into the appliance and fix it with the clamp (pos. 5 in fig. 5).

8. Unscrew and remove counter-clockwise the pump filter (4).

9. Remove contaminants and dirt(fig. 6).

10. Clean carefully pump filter, e.g. using running water (fig. 7).

11. Refix it thoroughly(fig. 8).

12. Close service flap of filter A.



There is an other filter B at the back of bottom base (fig. 9). Normally it is no need to clean this filter B. Please check the pump filter B if error code E1 is displayed.



1.Pump filter sealing has to be clean and unhurt. If the lid is not full tightened, water can escape.
2.The filter must be in place, or it may lead to leakage.





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