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About Haier

19 04 2012

Haier Group Profile


Since its establishment in 1984, Haier Group has expanded its business from the single production of refrigerators to areas such as household appliance, communication, IT digital products, home furnishing, logistics, finance, real estate and bio-pharmaceutical, becoming a world leading life solution provider. In 2014, Haier achieved a global turnover of 200.7 billion yuan, a total profit of 15 billion yuan. Its profit growth was 3 times the number of income, and the online trade volume reached 54.8 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth of 2391%. According to the statistics of Euromonitor, an authoritative consumer market survey organ, Haier brand accounted for 10.2% of the global retail volume, becoming the top large household appliance brand in the world for the 6th consecutive year.

Committed to building a local brand popular among global consumers, Haier has long been practicing an overseas market strategy of localized research and development, production and marketing, and great results have been achieved. Up to now, Haier has 5 research and development centers, 21 industrial parks, 66 trading companies and users across 100 countries and regions.

Innovation is the gene of Haier’s enterprise culture, which is reflected in the platformization of enterprises and the innovation of management mode. Now, Haier is transforming from product manufacturer to a platform where makers are made. A great number of makers and microenterprises gather on the two platforms of Qingdao Haier and Haier Electronics, where they innovate and grow with Haier’s ecosystem resources and gain many user resources. By 2014, the number of Haier’s registered users has reached 36.85 million.

With Qingdao Haier as the main part, the smart family platform is committed to promoting the transformation from hardware to solution, building parallel interactive platforms and ecosystems through smart family U+ life platform and connected factories, providing beautiful life solutions in the Internet age and realizing the end-to-end best customer interaction, transaction and delivery experience. With Haier Electronics as the main part, the value interaction platform is committed to transforming from production to service, building virtual-physical user value interaction platform, transforming the traditional logistics to the creation of user interaction value while providing them with service as the Internet of Things and logistics service, and building open platforms led by user experience in the Internet age.

Haier is committed to building investment-driven platforms and user payment platforms, transforming its staffs into entrepreneurs on the innovation platform through win-win model of individual-goal combination, and realizing self-value while creating user value. In such a mode, Haier transforms enterprises from command-and-control organizations to investment platforms and its staffs from passive performers to self-driven innovators on the platform. The constantly emerging user demands drive the staffs to create businesses. Enterprises, staffs and their partners form cooperative and mutually-beneficial ecosystems, the original series process becomes a parallel one and all the parties are combined to create market values. The theme of Haier’s strategy in 2014 is “platform-based enterprise,   entrepreneurial maker employees, and customized user experience”. “Platform-based enterprise” corresponds to the Internet thinking of enterprises, or boundless enterprises. “Entrepreneurial maker employees” corresponds to the value embodiment of staffs, which means staffs become interactive entrepreneurs and innovators. “Customized user experience” corresponds to the Internet tenet of enterprises, or the creation of end-to-end best user experience. The win-win model of individual-goal combination solves the management problem in the Internet age, and thus attracts world-renowned business schools and management experts to do researches and add it to case libraries for teaching and research.

The Internet age changed the traditional economic development mode and brings enterprises both challenges and opportunities. Haier will adhere to the Internet development strategy, continue to innovate, build user demand-driven investment-driven entrepreneurial platforms internally and parallel open ecosystems externally and create a world-class brand in the Internet age.