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Haier is the only appliance enterprise successfully authorized by Apple MFi Program

22 01 2014

The four-day International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was held in Las Vegas on January 7. The new high-tech products and technologies in the show attracted the interest and attention of the users from around the world. And Haier smart appliances came in to focus in this exhibition for becoming the only appliance enterprise that passed the Apple MFi official authorization and certification tests globally. It is reported that Haier is the first appliance enterprise that is authorized and certified by MFi program and Haier Tianzun air conditioner is the first appliances that is labeled with Apple MFi official certification logo.

MFi Program is Apple's technology authorization program mainly for third party hardware product. As one of the world's most innovative high-tech brands, Apple Inc. has very strict testing standards and using requirements for MFi Program and requires credible guarantee to provide users in product design, product quality and product compatibility. But once authorized and certified, the electronics manufacturers and design companies would gain world-leading competitiveness in product innovation, quality and user experience.

The successful application of Apple MFi official certification logo in appliance industry will upgrade the user experience of Haier smart appliances rapidly. An online survey showed that currently users need to be professionals or people who know the technology to connect their smart appliances to the web due to the complex setup and certification, which tends to make the smart functions of smart appliances nothing but decorations. However, Apple MFi can solve this problem and bring users new smart experience.

Haier Tianzun air conditioner is the first air conditioner and white good that is authorized by Apple MFi program. Haier will use this technology in the other Haier products, such as water heater, oven, intelligent home and the like. It is reported that users will be able to complete the setup only by connecting to WiFi. The live demonstration showed that Haier air conditioner could match the phone automatically and the user could set up parameters for the air conditioner directly without registration, setup password or any other complicated and time-consuming operations when connected to WiFi. And that brings consumers simple, efficient experience of using smart appliances.

 “It used to be complicated to control smart appliances, but it is very easy now. The operation is greatly simplified and all of us including adults, children and the elderly can use it as we want to," a merchant from India in the exhibition said. It is reported that Haier used Apple MFi technology successfully and thus created simpler and more accurate intelligence appliance control experience for users. Users can simply use the phone, Pad and other mobile ports to control their smart appliances easily only by pressing a key.

It’s said that Haier is the leader of intelligent appliances in China, who is committed to understand user needs and is good at global resource integration. And Apple is undoubtedly one of the enterprises that have the greatest strengths in user experience.  Currently Haier is building its industrial architecture of “One cloud and N terminals” centering smart home and will eventually make all home appliances become Internet terminals. The terminals with functions of intellisense ,interconnectivity and coordinated sharing will allow users to fully enjoy the best applications of smart era, no matter when or where.The technology authorized by Apple MFi Program was applied to intelligent appliances developed by Haier is one of the practices of Haier in pursuing smart life experience of users.