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  • Aquastop
    Extra protection to avoid overflows.

  • AAA Class
    Triple A Class (Energy Efficiency,Washing Effeciency, Drying Efficiency)

  • Water Softner.
    It adopts softener to soften the washing water automatically if the water is too hard. It can prevent the DW from scalling on the cabinet during washing and heating.


Start Delay

You can programme your dishwasher to start a wash cycle whenever you want. Ideal for making savings if you have an off-peak deal with your energy supplier.


Adjustable Baskets

Adjustable baskets enable you to position different-sized items (small or large – pots, casseroles, etc.). You can also adjust the height of the upper basket to wash large plates or oversized glasses.


Energy Consumption & Rating

Higher energy ratings means higher energy savings for both your family and the environment.


Intense Programme

Ideal for dishes that require intensive washing (Pans, Pots ..).


Daily Wash

Take charge of your daily dishes with a powerful programme to help with the clean up.


Auto Programme

Thanks to this program, the dishwasher will automatically manage the full cycle depending on the load.



this device which is connected directly to the water tap offers extra protection to guarantee against water leaks, by stopping the flow of water into the dishwasher, protecting your home.

Supplier Type
Model DW15-PFE2
Appearance Color white
Place settings(international standard) 15
Energy Efficiency Class A
Washing Efficiency Class A
Drying Efficiency Class A
Upper Rack Wash (half load) Yes
3 in 1 No
Reset Drain No
User Interface
Number of Program 6
Type of Control(electronic/mechanical) electronic
Delay Timer(from- to) hours 1-12
Program Progress Indicator(LCD/Segment LED/LED) Segment LED
Programs Data
Auto 55-65 ℃ Yes
Intensive ℃ 70
Normal ℃ 55
Light ℃ 50
Delicate ℃ 45
Rapid ℃ 40
Heat ℃ No
Soak cold water
Technical Data
Rating Voltage (V) 220-240
Rating Frequency (Hz) 50
Safety Systems
Water Overflow Protection System Yes
Aqua Stop Kit(electronic/mechanical) Yes
Technical Equipment
Spray Levels 3
Inner Door Material(SS=stainless steel/P=plastic) SS
Interior Material(SS=stainless steel/P=plastic) SS
Filter Material(SS=stainless steel/P=plastic) SS
Upper Basket(full load ajustable/height adjustable) height adjustable
Knife Rack on Upper Basket Yes
Cutlery Basket(separable/inseparated) separable
Dispenser System(detergent/rinse aid) Yes
Water Inlet Hose(cold water/hot water) cold water
Water Softening System(N° of water hardness levels) yes/4
Height Adjustable Feet(n°/ 4/20
Product Dimensions
Depth with Open Door (mm) 1200
Dimensions of Dishwasher(H×W×D)mm 850×600×600
Dimensions of Packing(H×W×D) mm 880×675×725
Net Weight kg 47
Gross Weight kg 52
File Name Date File Size Download
DW15-PFE2 04/06/2012 3.23MB Download

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