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Haier Awarded the “Top 10 Chinese Enterprises in Africa”

10-31 2011

The ceremony of the first “China-Africa Friendship Award – the Top 10 Chinese Enterprises in Africa" was held in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on December 21, 2010. Among the ten enterprises winning the award, Haier is the only consumer goods provider. This is another international recognition for Haier after it was awarded the Global No. 1 brand of Major Appliance earlier this month, fully demonstrating the global influence and affinity of Haier brand.

It is reported that the candidates were nominated by government and non-government organizations of China and over 40 African countries, and the “Top 10 Chinese Enterprises in Africa” were selected by more than 200 million Chinese and African people through online voting, which is of broad representation and credibility.

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