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Warranty Declaration

    Terms and condition

    Haier Electronic Middle East FZE

Thank you for purchasing this Haier product.We are confident that you will enjoy using it for many years to come. Haier Electronic Middle East FZE hereby warrants the original purchaser that Haier Electronic Middle East FZE will repair  or replace compressor of the purchased product against manufacturing defect in material or workmanship for a period of 7 years which will start from the date of purchase. This Haier product is warranted for the period mentioned in the table below against manufacturing defects if any:

Air conditions,Refrigerators   Chillers&Freezers     7 years only for compressor and  labour charges  will be levied if replaced after 1 years  4years on units    

Dryer                                        4 years on units     

Washing machine                    4 years on units

TV’s,Dish washers               4 years on units

 Microwave Ovens                   1 years on units

 1. This warranty is applicable to UAE(United Arab Emirates)only.

 2. This warranty is only valid when accompanied bu the original cash invoice and the warranty card completely filled in.If the serial no. is defaced,missing or illegible,the warranty is void.

 3. Haier’s obligation if limited to successful repair,Labour charges,replacement of the product of defective components only.

 4. The warranty  does not cover any of the following:

 a) Cabinet, button, switch, remote control, antenna, carton box, and accessories.

 b) Periodic check-ups, maintenance and repair or replacement of parts due t normal wear and tear.

 c) Cost relating to transport, removal or installation of product.

d) Misuse including  failure to use the product for its normal purpose or incorrect installations

e) Damage caused by lighting, water, fire, flood , acts of God, war, public disturbance, incorrect mains voltage, improper or insufficient ventilation or any other casue beyond the reasonable control of Haier.

f) A defect which has arisen as a result of any failure to follow instruction either in the manual or product specifications.

5  CTV,Video,DVD, DVDR, Audio, MWO, Ref , WM&AC are intended for use in the country where it was sold, therefore Haier does not accept liability for the cost of adoption from one television system to another. The Haier warranty will neither  cover any reimbursement for this adaptation nor any fault arising from the adaptation.

6  In case the required part is subjected to import restrictions, it may take longer to repair the produc and in some cases the repairs will not be available because of important restrictions or  the unavoidable reasons.

7  Technician visit  and transportation charge will be borne by customer after compleion of 12 months.

8  In case the customer requests for site service or transportation of set, same shall be carried on at an additional cost.

9 The above warranty terms and conditions are subject to change from time to time without prior notie.

10 In  event of any disputes in regards to the terms and conditions as set out in the  decition will be finally bingding all concerened under this warranty, this warranty is finally subject to the jurisdiction of the court in Dubai, UAE only.

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