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Haier Withstood the Energy Consumption Test of Refrigerators in European Market

09-30 2011

Once again, Haier brand and its products withstood the test in the European market. In the energy consumption test of refrigerators conducted by CECED, Haier was one of the few brands qualified in all the test items.

CECED represents the European home appliance industry, with members including European home appliance manufacturers, national associations and organizations. To promote the popularization of energy-efficient home appliances, CECED launched the Atlete programme in September 2010, carrying out sampling tests of 80 types of refrigerators from more than 40 home appliance brands in the European market. The tested samples were randomly bought from the market, and the main test items included key indicators such as power consumption, temperature storage, volume, temperature rising time and cooling capacity. Two models of Haier air-cooling refrigerators were tested and both were qualified in all the test items, making Haier one of the few brands with all the test items qualified.

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