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Haier’s “cloud living” reveals the future of the home at CES 2012

01-11 2011

Haier’s TV lineup combines leading technological trends to take the connected home to the next level

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, January 9, 2012 – Haier, the world’s leading white goods manufacturer, unveiled its 2012 product lineup at CES 2012 this week, highlighting its impressive TVs that feature a range of innovations that radically improve consumers’visual experience.These include new levels of connectivity to create a ‘cloud living’ model in the home, virtually edgeless cloud TV, , glass-free 3D TV, wireless smart devices end cloud interaction and enhanced mind wave technology that allows viewers to control their TVs with their mind. These, and other innovative products, will be on display at CES Las Vegas, Booth #9826, until January 13, 2012.


Leading the way in this year’s lineup is Haier’s “cloud living” solution, which truly puts the TV at the centre of the “cloud home.” For many years, the role of the TV has evolved, with it moving from being an entertainment terminal to a connected platform that delivers a wide range of services. The latest Haier TVs take that progress a step further, delivering a “cloud living” TV that acts as a hub, receiving and transmitting information directly to and from other terminals such as cell phones, computers and PDAs. Furthermore, TVs equipped with cloud technology will be able to act as a remote to control washing machines, PCs, and other appliances in the home.


Another innovation on display at CES 2012 is Haier’s Virtually edgeless Cloud TV(no frame TV) which enhances the user’s visual enjoyment by taking the picture beyond the frame. This delivers an impressive TV experience for both 2D and 3D viewing,


Haier is also changing the 3D TV experience. Haier’s glass-free 3D TV removes the need for wearing 3D glasses, thus making the experience more enjoyable and convenient.


In a further development, Haier is showcasing its newly upgraded mind wave technology.This revolutionizes the interaction between viewer and TV by giving users the power to control the TV – from changing channels to volume level - with their mind.


“Haier continues to set new standards for technological innovation for the home, as highlighted in our 2012 product lineup at CES which combines leading trends in the global TV industry,” said Ms. Zhang Tieyan, Director of Haier Global Branding Center.“Our strategy is to provide solutions that enhance our customers’ homeentertainment experience to enjoy the excitementof living in a digital era. Haier’s cloud living offering is a demonstration of our commitment to user-driven innovation.” added Ms. Zhang.

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