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Haier Blends Technology and Functionality for Uninterrupted Connectivity - Haier Gulf Partner's Summit 2022

05-20 2022

Haier's launching event was a big one! And we've got reams of coverage to tell you all about what happened, the key products announced, and the things you may have missed in-between.

Everything about the "Haier Gulf Partners Summit 2022" was designed to perfection. Starting with the location of the event all the way to the introduction of the newest range of smart products. It was held at "Grand Millennium Dubai," a prestigious hotel to match the greatness of the event in attendance of all key business partners. They were in awe of all the insights mentioned and the products launched.

Haier Gulf CEO Mr. Liang Xiao kicked off the ceremony by sharing Haier's business strategy and highlighting the hard efforts exerted to enhance the user experience by packing up the new TV and AC lineup with the latest technology and functionalities for a better interconnected smart home experience. He also emphasized Haier as a socially responsible company operating globally.

This was followed by revealing State of the art residential Air Conditioners and Android Smart TVs, showing off how they were built with every detail in mind to provide the user with exactly what they need to make their life smarter and easier.


Here's what was announced:

"Nebula" and "Flexis" Smart ACs

It's a new self-cleaning high, efficiency AC range that falls under the umbrella of "Powerful Cooling, Healthy Living" products.

 The "S9", "S6", "S5", and "K6" Android Smart TVs

Technology is totally redefined in this all-new array of TVs available in sizes ranging from 55" to 75"! It comes with voice control, Google Chromecast, Google assistant, cinematic sound, and unlimited vision.

Finally, as a courtesy of all the attendees, the ceremony was closed by announcing a surprise lucky draw, where the 3 winners went home with 75", 65" & 55" Android Smart LED TVs.

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