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Haier UV Cool AC Training Workshop

06-23 2023

Haier launched a brand-new Air Conditioner Series by the name UV Cool. The brand organized a training workshop for its salesmen and service technicians to enhance their skills and knowledge about the new product, on 21st June 2023.


The workshop was designed to familiarize the sales specialists with the key features of the newly launched product. The theme of the event was “The Power of One”. Haier as a Global No.1 home appliances company has always stressed the development of an Ecosystem, in which every piece in the chain is equally significant. Starting from the grass root level, for the first time in UAE, Haier gathered the key business partners, floor sales specialists, and service technicians at the Hilton Hotel Ras al Khaima.


The workshop was an interactive and hands-on event, which invited the salesmen to participate in various activities designed to reinforce the 5 key pillars of Haier Air Conditioners, 1. Power 2. Comfort 3. Smart 4. Fit and 5. Health. The core of the new AC series is providing the consumer with the healthiest possible air to breathe in. The new series uses UV rays to kill 99.998% of bacteria, certified by Texcell, a global contract research organization, and can function accurately in high outside temperatures given the heat in the summers of the Gulf region, along with many other features adding value to the user’s experience.




Haier Gulf’s CEO, Mr. Liang Xiao, Director of Sales, Mr. Md. Farjad and Head of Products, Mr. Zaid Ahmed, were present at the opening ceremony of the workshop and stressed the importance of continued training and development for its business partners to achieve success in the market and expressed their confidence that the workshop would help in making Haier one of the top consumer choices in home appliances in the UAE market. The two also announced, 10 years compressor warranty and 5 years full warranty on Haier Air Conditioners, underpinning the confidence the company has in its products.  



Many of the salesmen and service technicians who attended the workshop expressed their appreciation for the training and highlighted the valuable information they learned from it. A lot of fun activities were designed with gifts as motivators, including a lucky draw at the end with a grand prize of Haier LED TV.


In conclusion, such workshops are essential to enhancing the skills and knowledge of two of the most integral components in the business blockchain. Haier believes in investing in its people to build a sustainable Ecosystem.

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