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Haier at Big 5 Global 2023 Dubai, UAE.

12-08 2023

For over three decades, Haier has been a pioneering force in the global appliance industry. From its humble beginnings in Qingdao, China, this brand has grown into a household name known for innovation, quality, and customer-centricity.

Haier's journey began in 1984 when it was a small, local refrigerator factory. However, under visionary leadership and a commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology, the brand rapidly expanded its product offerings and global footprint. Today, Haier is a truly global brand with a presence in more than 160 countries.

For over a decade and a half, Haier has proudly held the title of the world's No.1 appliances brand, but in addition to that Haier HVAC systems are also high-quality, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, known for innovation and reliability. These systems incorporate cutting-edge features such as programmable thermostats, advanced filtration systems, and smart technology integration, allowing users to customize and control their indoor climate with ease. Haier HVAC systems also prioritize sustainability and energy conservation, offering eco-friendly options that minimize carbon footprint and reduce energy costs.


But what truly sets Haier apart is its customer-centric approach. Haier doesn't just make appliances; it designs solutions that improve lives. From advanced cooling and washing technologies to smart home integration, Haier's products are engineered to make everyday tasks simpler and more efficient.

In the Gulf market, Haier's strategy is clear: to provide state-of-the-art technology to consumers at the right price point. This means offering top-tier appliances that are not only technologically advanced but also accessible to a wide range of consumers. Haier aims to elevate the lifestyle of Gulf consumers by offering integrated appliances that provide comfort in every way with focus on enhancing the overall experience of homeowners.


In the Gulf, Haier places a premium on building great relationships with all its business partners. The brand believes in a win-win mechanism where collaboration leads to mutual growth and success. Haier aspires to be the best in the HVAC industry in the Gulf region. This includes winning projects with esteemed developers, delivering high-quality solutions, and contributing to the region's infrastructure development.


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