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04-12 2012

News Broadcast program News Broadcast program (Xinwen Lianbo) of CCTV recently reported intensively on Haiers' innovative design and innovative management model in a series of "Fulfill the Concept of Scientific Development and Build an Innovative Country" that spoke highly of Haier's No.1 Competence. On May 2 and 3, News Broadcast of CCTV in its special column "Enhance Self-driven Innovative Capacity and Build an Innovative Country" reported particularly on Haier's innovative development for two consecutive days. The titles were respectively "Fulfill the Concept of Scientific Development and Build an Innovative Country" Chapter One of Haier's Innovative Achievements: From Products Designing to Market Designing, and Chapter Two of Haier's Innovative Achievements: Model T Creates Haier Speed Competitiveness. The report concludes: whether it is innovation of design or innovation of management model, one thing is beyond doubt that innovation makes a Haier who in turn sets up an example for building an innovative new country. Further report: Recently, People's Daily, China National Radio, Science and Technology Daily and other central media have been focusing on Haier, and have reported from different perspectives, such as "Building A Global Brand"," Model T of Individual-Goal Combination", "Vitality of Innovation" and "Market Competition".

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