Question: No ice cubes.


1.  Check whether the icemaker function is OFF. When the icemaker is off, there is no icons of ice cube and crushed ice display.

Solution: Turn on the icemaker(refer to user manual).

2.  Check if the water valve connected to the refrigerator is closed and no water flows into it.

Solution: Open the water valve

3.  Take out the ice storage box to check if the ice cubes are frozen together. If not, it is normal; If yes, please check the size of ice cubes.

      3.1.  If it is too large, means the water intake is too much.

Solution: Take all ice cubes out and reinstall the ice box. Close the water valve about one-third to reduce water intake.

      3.2.  If it is not too large, maybe the door is open for a long time or ice cubes are not used for a long period.

Solution: If you don't use the icemaker , please take out all ice cubes and turn off the icemaker.

4.   When the refrigerator has just been powered on or only powered for a short time, the temperature in freezer storage compartment could not decreased enough to make ice.

Solution: Take ice cubes after the appliance powered on much time

5.   Open freezer door, Check if the select arm is good shape and insert into select valve of crushed motor. Otherwise, there would be no ice cube out

Solution: Make sure the select arm is normal, and then the select arm should be inserted into the selected  valve of crushed motor correctly.


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