Question: Icing in the freezer compartment



1.Ice and frost formed on the evaporator and drawers in the freezer storage compartment:
The temperature in the freezer storage compartment is below -18℃. When the moisture in air comes in contact with evaporator, frost will form on its surface and ice will form over time.

How to solve:

1.Remove the ice every one or two months. If you do not remove ice for longer period of time, a thick layer of ice will accumulate and power consumption will increase. Please remove ice timely to ensure good refrigeration effect.
Do not use sharp tools to remove ice. Please use the frost scraper provided with the refrigerator,also you can use other plastic tools.



2. Ice formed on the surface of the drawers
This phenomenon has direct relation with ambient temperature and air humidity in your house as well as door opening frequency. As the temperature of freezer drawers and pipelines is below -18℃, frost will be formed on their surface when they are in contact with moist air as the door is opened. If the refrigerator door is opened in the environment of high ambient temperature and air humidity, the surface of drawers will be warmed to above 0℃.  The frost on the surface will melt into water droplet and flow around. The water will ice again when the drawer surface becomes cold. it is a normal phenomenon.

How to solve:

2.Do not open the door frequently in the environment of high ambient temperature and air humidity and timely clean and wipe freezer drawers and evaporator. When the air humidity decreases, the frost will reduce naturally.


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