Question: Water filter installation


Ensure no parts missing before installing.

Part one:Connection between home water outlet and water filter:

For this part connection,it has two different connection methods because of user’s different home water tube. Please select suitable connection methods according to your home water tube.


Method 1:Connect home water with three-way pipe and control valve(not use adaptor)



Method 2:Connect home water with adaptor(not use three-way pipe and control valve)



Part two:Connection between water filter and water valve of refrigerator




Length of water pipe which inserts into water filter should be more than 12mm.




Length of water pipe which inserts into adaptor should be more than 15mm.



When installing water filter, firstly connect inlet pipe, then clean water filter with home water. 



After installation, test the water level inside the ice box, water level in the 2/3 location is OK. If the water level is higher or lower much ,please call a service to adjust the water inlet quantity. 




Leakage detection: Check home water tube, three-way valve, water valve and connecting position to ensure no leakage. If there has any leakage,please seal it with tape by yourself,and check again.If it still leak ,please close home water and call a service.


Note:It is better to change the water filter every six months,details please refer to user manual.



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