Question: Set temperature for model BD-203.



To prevent temperature being modified accidentally,the control resistant to turning .

To vary the setting,please use a coin or screwdriver.

Switch on:Turn the control to the level you required between  Min (warmer) and Max(colder).

Indicator lights means:

Green=Control (The appliance is running)   Red=Alarm(Interior temperature too high)

Yellow=Super freeze indicator(if available) :Press button marked with yellow to activate the super freeze function,the yellow light turns on.Press the button again to switch it off.


Note:1.The super freeze function will be switched off automatically after 56 hours to save energy. 2. When the super freeze switch on, the thermostat function is disabled.


Check step:

1.Check if freezer is powered on ---Green light is on?

If yes,please check if power is failure and please try another power supply

If no ,please re-plug the power.


2.Check if our freezer has super freeze function and this function is activated?

Reason : When the super freeze switch is on ,the thermostat function is disabled.

Solution:Please set the temperature after super freeze function stopped.


3.Set the control on 3~4 position to observe if food could be freeze. 





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