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Question: The app's interface presents gray after login, and the air condition cannot be controlled either.



(1)Check if the appliance is powered on.
(2)Check if the home network is normal. If the network cannot be used, please connect the phone with the home wireless router to control the appliance.
(3)Check the signal intensity around the appliance (by downloading a testing tool from Android Market). If the signal is too weak, please strength it or replace a new one.
(4)Restart the appliance to check if it can be controlled normally.
(5)Bind the appliance again and confirm the SSID and password is correct.
(6)It is forbidden to enter the appliance controlled interface when it is off-line.
(7)Relogin the haier intelligent air condition APP.
(8)Enter the mobile application management program to clear the APP’s data and force it to stop. Then login again.
(9)If the problem is still there, it is probably that the WIFI module is broken, please call the service center to fix it.

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