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Question: The outdoor unit leak water


1.Condenser leak water.When the Air-Conditioner working in heating mode,after the Air-Conditioner runs for some time and the outdoor condenser will become very cool and frost,while the Air-Conditioner defrosting and will make some water on condenser. You can install the water elbow yourself or call for service, ask our technicine to install it.
2.Copper pipe condensate water.In cooling mode, the pipe temperature low, this will cause water condense on the copper pipe. If outdoor position is higher than indoor unit, the condense water will flow into indoor alone the connect copper pipe.
(Please call for service to package the connect copper pipe or block the wall hole.)
3.Outdoor unit leak water disturb the neighbors. The drain pipe drip water, lengthening the pipe and fixed it on plughole, then the water will down with the plughole.
(Please call for service.)

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