Question: The detergent in the detergent box can not be swilled into the drum?


This problem may be caused by the one of the following:

1.the water pressure is too low, please wait the water pressure is normal to use.

2.The filter of the water inlet valve is clogged by dust, please clean the filter.

3.Please check the detergent is put into correct box, it will not be swilled into the drum. Please add detergent as below:


Box 1: pre-wash detergent (dusty detergent)

Box 2: normal-quick wash detergent (dusty detergent)

Box 3: softener, conditioning agent, perfume, etc.(Liquid)

4.Please don't use too much detergent, it is not easy to swill it all into the drum.

5.Please check if there some detergent clogged the detergent box, please clean them.

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