Question: Where can I find the Model and Serial Number on my washing machine?-


Each washing machine has a fixed location for label which contains the Model and Serial number, Bar code information.

All of the washing machine has serial number label located on the back of  machine.

Some models also have serial no. on the front , open porthole door and find it on the top of front panel.


The serial number is a total 20 of numbers and letters. It is this long as it tells us lots of information about the item you have just purchased. It is important that you copy it very carefully.


An example of a 20 digit serial number is CE0HS0E0300CP9BP0001.Any character I or O is always a number, so I is a 1 (one) and the O is always a 0 (zero).


Note: On some washing machine models this is a 9 digit number.


If you can not find or read the data plate or the serial number, please contact the call center who will be happy to help.

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