Question: How do I get rid of a bad smells in my washing machine?


Some people notice musty smells in the drum or on clothes if they wash continuously at 40 ℃ or below. This is caused by the growth of bacteria film or mould which is resistant to detergent. This black mould in the soap dispenser drawer causes the smell and sometimes black dots on your washing.


Methods to solve the problem:

1.Pull the drawer (2) fully out then press the conditioner siphon cap (1) to release the detergent drawer from the machine. Check if there is any black mould in the detergent drawer compartment. If there is, remove with a soft bristled brush and carefully spray clean water inside the soap drawer compartment. Haier does not recommend kitchen and bathroom mould and bacterial cleaners, because if these cleaning products if not very well rinsed through, they can bleach or discolour your clothes. 
2.Clean the washing machine out by running a high-temperature 90 ℃ or more. The cotton wash allows temperature up to 90 ℃, program once a month. The high temperature kills off bacteria and unwanted fungal growth.
3.Also, you could try to clean the washing machine inside using soda crystals which dissolve grease. We recommend putting half a packet inside the drum and washing on ha hot wash (cotton wash at 90 ℃), or follow instructions on the packet. Using this method every month or so, or using ordinary detergent or distilled vinegar if no soda crystals are available, can help prevent smells from your washing machine. If your washing machine is badly affected, it may be very difficult to remove it and take several such hot washes to get rid of the smell.
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