Question: Range hood cleaning tips


Prevention is more important than clean for range hoods. Before using the new range hood, sprinkle a thin layer of soap powder in the oil storage box and inject about one-third of the water. In this way, the recovered oil floats on the water. When the waste oil is almost full, the oil storage box will not be too dirty after being dumped.


How does the body of the range hood prevent oil?

Before using, we can use a slightly wet cloth dipped in detergent to wipe the fuselage, and the fan blades can be wiped as far as possible. Waiting for it to dry, the detergent coating to prevent soot adherence is ready. After a period of use, if the range hood is felt sticky, it's time to clean. As the "protective coating" has been made between the oil stain and the fuselage, the oil stain will be washed off if the fuselage is directly cleaned with hot water at 80℃.


The range hood is the place with the most smoke in the kitchen. After cooking, let the cooker hood continue to run for 1 minute, and the oily flue gas remaining in the air and the unburned carbon monoxide are taken out of the house. There is still some heat on the range hood. Wipe the surface with a rag to wipe off the oil stains on the range hood. The range hood can also be kept clean.


Fan blade cleaning:

(1) Detergent and vinegar soaking method

Carefully remove the fan blade, soak it in a pot of hot water mixed with 2 ml of detergent and 50ml of vinegar, soak for about 15 minutes, then scrub with a clean rag.

(2) Pressure cooker steam washing

Put half a pot of cold water in the pressure cooker to boil, take the lower limit pressure valve when the steam is continuously discharged, open the range hood and align the steam water column with the rotating fan blade. Because the high hot water steam continuously washes the fan blade, the oil sewage will flowed into the waste oil box along the drain.

(3) Spraying detergent

First spread the newspaper on the cooktop and run the range hood for two minutes. Spray the detergent on the fan. Turn off the hood, wait for three minutes, spray 60 °C hot water into the fan, and then open the range hood to let the dissolved oil drop into the oil storage box.


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