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Question: Care and cleaning of IFD dust removal module

IFD dust removal module can be used all the time,generally does not need to be replaced, and can be washed. According to the actual conditions of the air conditioner, just clean it by yourself or when prompted by the APP. Additionally, clean the dust on the negative ion emitter on the right inner wall of the air duct with dry brush and other items. When disassembling and cleaning the IFD module, cut off the power supply in advance, and wait 1 minute before removing the dust screen for cleaning!
1. Shut down the machine and switch off the power switch, hold the handle of the air inlet grilles to open
them, and remove the dust screen;
2. Hold the handle on the IFD dust removal module and pull the module out;
3. After the dust removal module is taken out, place it on a flat surface and use the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner or the suction head with a brush to clean the dust along the surface of the module. Suck both sides of the module.
4. Add warm water in a basin and gently shake the module in the water to clean it.
5. Let the module soak in water for 2-3 minutes, do not take soak it for a too long time, then rinse the module with clean tap water, shake off the water in the module, and place it on a dry towel.
6. After the IFD dust removal module becoming completely dry and without water, load it into the machine, and then install the dust screen.
1. After installation of the air conditioner, the installer shall load the IFD dust removal module into the air conditioner.
2. After cleaning, color of the module cannot restore to its original condition, but this will not affect its performance.
3. Dust removal effects of IFD relate closely to the room structure, room size and pollutants content in the room. The effects may vary depending on different models and environments.
4. IFD dust removal module must be installed in place before operation of the machine. It is prohibited to operate the machine without installing the dust removal module.
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