Question: Cleaning the electric oven


1. Before cleaning, it is best to unplug the power plug and clean it after the oven has cooled down to avoid accidents such as electric shock or burns.

2. Cleaning the outside of the oven: the outside of the oven (including the glass door) can be sprayed with kitchen cleaner first, and then wipe it with a wrung rag after a while. You can also wipe with a rag while the oven is still warm to remove dirt more easily.

3. Cleaning inside the oven:

Clever use of residual temperature: oily dirt is easier to remove under warm conditions, so you can wipe it with a dry cloth while the oven is still warm (not hot), or add water to the baking tray, and heat it at medium temperature for a few minutes to fill the inside of the oven. Warm hot water vapor, then wipe it to easily remove greasy dirt.

Detergent: The greasy dirt that is difficult to remove inside the oven can be wiped with a small amount of neutral detergent to wipe the cloth. It should be noted that the cloth should not be wet or dripping, so as not to cause the oven to malfunction.

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