Question: Electric oven use tips


1. The importance of preheating:

    Before baking food, you must first heat the oven as expected, so that the temperature inside the oven first reaches the heat required for baking. The purpose of preheating is to maintain the temperature. Preheating in advance can make the temperature inside the oven consistent, which can make the food The surface is heated evenly, but the moisture of the food that is put in at the beginning can be locked immediately to prevent the baked food from becoming dry and hard. If you often have undercooked cakes, it may be that the preheating preparations are not done well. The preheating temperature is proportional to the time. The higher the required temperature, the longer the preheating time. The time required for different ovens from different manufacturers is different, so you need to test a few more times to get your own oven temperature.

2. The socket must be used separately:

   Ovens are appliances with high power consumption, and a separate socket must be used to avoid accidents. At the same time, it is better to place it away from the place where high heat temperature will be generated, such as gas stoves, and the distance from the back to the wall should be about 5 cm.

3. Mastery of baking temperature:

    Different brands or sizes of ovens may have slightly different temperature controllers, so even if you bake food at the temperature stated in the recipe, it may occasionally become burnt or undercooked because of the time indicated on the recipe And temperature is only an approximate reference and is not suitable for every oven. Therefore, before you start using a new oven, you must pay more attention to the changes in the food in the oven to adjust the temperature as appropriate. Generally, small ovens have a small space, and when baking large volumes of food, the food will be closer to the electric heating tube, so the temperature will be slightly lower than that of the large oven.

    Chopsticks or bamboo sticks can be used to judge whether the dishes are cooked thoroughly. If they can be easily inserted, especially meat, it means that they are thoroughly cooked. If it is pastry or macaroni, it depends on whether there is still wet raw material on the chopsticks.

    If the baked food is often burnt while cooking, it means that the temperature of the oven is uneven. At this time, you can move the baking tray, or adjust it to an appropriate position when you place the food at the beginning. For example, the food on the right is always burnt, and the food is slightly to the left. The basic principle is to keep a distance of more than 3 cm from the inner wall of the oven regardless of the baking of any food. At the same time, do not often open the door of the oven to check the degree of food baking, to avoid cold air from entering and lowering the original temperature, making the baking It takes a long time to enter, which will affect the baking results, especially when baking pastries.

4. Accuracy of time setting:

    The setting of the baking time also depends on the oven brand, container size and food size. In general, thicker foods take longer to bake, but the temperature should be lower to avoid exogenous cooking and endogenous foods. The opposite is true for thin foods. The same principle is also used when baking pastries. The more raw materials, the thicker, such as cakes, must be baked at a low temperature for a long time; if the raw materials are less and thin, such as biscuits, the high temperature baking method is used for a short time. If you are worried about the surface of the cake being burnt, cover it with a piece of foil.

5. Methods to avoid sticking:

    Before baking, you can brush a thin layer of grease on the baking sheet or grill or cover it with tin foil. There is no special restriction on the oil on the baking sheet. If you want Chinese food or you want to make the food lighter, use salad oil or olive oil. If you want western food or those who like strong flavor, you can use cream. Of course, you can also use a non-stick baking pan.

6. Container for oven:

    The only containers that can be placed in the oven are pure metal products such as the baking trays, grills, foil paper and common metal models attached to the oven itself; ceramic products such as casseroles, thicker ceramic plates commonly used in baking dishes; and special paper Products such as baking paper and pastry paper models. When using, keep a distance from the inner wall of the oven, especially paper products, and do not directly touch the electric heating tube to avoid burning.

7. Cleaning and maintenance of the oven:

    Motorized heating of the baking pan with an electric heating tube at the bottom has the best effect, but it is also the easiest to adhere to dripping oil, so you should thoroughly clean the baking tray and the grill after each use. And when using the grill, it is best to put an extra drip pan underneath. In addition to keeping it clean, you can also avoid the internal fire of the oven caused by oil dripping onto the electric heating tube.

    When cleaning the inside of the oven, first wipe it with kitchen paper money, then wipe it with a soft cloth sprayed with detergent and then wipe it last time, then wipe it with water and wipe it a few times with a clean cloth. The oven's glass door or shell cannot be wiped with cold rags or sprayed with cold water to cool the food just after the food is baked, or it may break due to rapid temperature changes. You can also temporarily open the oven door for natural cooling or use an electric fan to cool down to accelerate heat dissipation.

    If you leave a bad smell after baking, you can put some orange peel in the oven and bake it at low temperature for 3 ~ 5 minutes to the extent that the orange peel will not be burnt, so that the oven can maintain a light fragrance.

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