Question: How to do if the appliance runsfrequently or runsfor at oolong pe-riod of time



The appliance runs

frequently or runs

for at oolong pe-

riod of time


The indoor or outdoor tempera-ture is too   high

The appliance has been off power for a   period of time.

A door of the appliance is not tight-y   closed

The door gasket is dr ty.worn.

The required air cr culation is not guaranteed

The icemaker is running



In this case it is normal for the ap-

pliance to run longer.

Normally it takes 8 to 12 hours for


Close the door and ensure the ap-

pliance is located on a level ground

and there is no food or con taj ner jarring   the door

Clean the door gasket or replace them by   the customer service.

Ensure adequate vent lation

This is normal.The icemaker adds

extra workload


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