Question: How to select detergent for laundry

  • Washing efficiency and performance is determined by used detergent quality.

  • Use only machine wash approved detergent.

  • If needed use specific detergents, e.g. synthetic and woolen fabric.

  • Mind always detergent manufacturer recommendations.

  • Do not use dry cleaning agents such as trichloroethylene and similar products.

Choose the best detergent:


L= gel-/liquid detergent

P = powder detergent

O = optional

 _ = no

√ = Recommended


If using liquid detergent, it is not recommended to activate the time delay.


We recommend by using:

Laundry powder: 20°C to 90°C* (best use: 40-60°C).

Color detergent: 20°C to 60°C* (best use: 30-60°C).

Wool/delicate detergent: 20°C to 30°C* (best use: 20-30°C).

* Choose 90°C wash temperature only for special hygienic requirements.

It is better to use less or free suds detergent powder.

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