Question: Information codes display, such as Time, End, clok, lock ,bEEP OFF, bEEP On


Following codes are displayed only for information referring to the washing cycle.

No measures must be performed.


01:25 Similar figure: The remaining wash cycle time will be 1 hour and 25minutes.

06:30 Similar figure: The remaining wash cycle time including chosen end-time delay will 6 hours and 30 minutes.

End: The washing cycle is finished. The appliance shuts off automatically

cLoK: Function child lock is activated.

LocK: Door is closed because of high water level, high water temperature or spin.

bEEP OFF: The buzzer is deactivated.

bEEP On: The buzzer is deactivated.


Above suitable 929 series washing machine models:

HW80-BP12929, HW80-BP12929S6, HW90-BP12929S6, HWD90-BP14929S6


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