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6 Reasons to Buy a Haier Water Heater

02-25 2021

If it pumps hot water, it’s good enough, isn’t it? No! There is much more to consider when buying the right water heater for your home. Don’t worry though, we’ve listed out 6 reasons the Haier Water Heater will benefit you and your family! 


[6 Reasons to Buy a Haier Water Heater] 


As a homeowner, the growing list of ‘to-dos’ is never-ending. With everything else snaking up the priority ladder, it’s easy to overlook the importance of the right water heater for your home. After all, if it pumps out hot water, what more do you need?   


A lot more, actually. Here are 6 reasons why you should consider buying a Haier Water Heater! 


Reason #1: It’s Tankless 


Unlike traditional tank systems, the Haier Water Heater is designed with ground-breaking Circular Clean Heating elements. Where previously water was heated through an exterior mini tank, the Haier Water Heaters are tankless and physically separates water from electricity through an insulated stainless steel water pipe. This new generation of technology is not only more space-efficient and much safer to have with children but eliminates scaling. Since there is no traditional mini tank, there is no scale accumulation that usually is cause for clogging in storage water heaters. 


Reason #2: It Won’t Shock You 


Literally. Impeccably designed to overcome electrical problems such as improper wiring and electricity leakage, all Haier Water Heaters are built with Shock Proof technology. The only shocking thing about this is the zero electric shock accidents Haier has had in the millions of products sold! 


Reason #3: Temperature Is Personal, Control Yours 


Tired of your hot showers turning into a visit to the North Pole? The temperature sensor device built into the Haier Water Heaters are able to not only efficiently control water temperature fluctuation, guaranteeing your desired set water temperature throughout the shower, but adjust the heating power through a silicon-controlled rectifier. 

Reason #4: A Long-Term Relationship 


Unlike wine or fine cheese, hot water heaters don’t get better with time. Think about it. All that hot water in one tank sitting stagnant will cause corrosion. Except the Haier Water Heaters don’t have a mini tank. The heating elements aren’t in direct contact with water. This increases its longevity, minimises scale build-up and withstands bacterial growth for many years to come. 


Reason #5: Mother Nature Thanks You, So Will Your Bank Account 


Compared to traditional or electric storage water heaters, the Haier Water Heaters are much more environmentally friendly. A standard water heater must turn on intermittently through the day to keep the water ready to use. The Haier heaters are electric instantaneous and have an electric heating pipe completely isolated from the water. Instead, you get hot water on demand. This means no more wasted water and with that, less energy usage; saving not only the environment but your bank account. 


Reason #6: No Risk, All Rewards 


Water heaters can be a dangerous hazard if not installed or maintained properly. If the thermostat fails, the water can become too hot and can cause severe burns. It can also be a fire risk. Safety is always our top priority. Shower safely with our specially structured Dual Temperature Protection and Fireproof Terminal Block features. 


Here’s something extra for thought, in our MP series, showers are more enjoyable with our DC Inverter Silent Pump. Not only will it give you a powerful water flow, but its quiet operation will promise peace of mind. There’s enough noise with everyone home, no need to add the water heater on top of that.  


The bottom line is there is definitely much more to a water heater than its ability to produce hot water. If you’re looking for something that can provide you the safe and efficient hot water your family needs on demand, you need the Haier Water Heater. Get yours here.