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Buying Guide for A New Air Conditioner

04-21 2021

Buying an air conditioner is a big decision. There’s a lot to consider from cost to sustainability. With terms like inverter and refrigerant, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed – especially if you’re a first-time homebuyer. Read on for the ultimate buying guide!

The Ultimate Guide to Buying A New Energy-Efficient Air Conditioner

There is possibly no modern invention greater and more essential than air conditioning. Especially in our year-round Malaysian heat, it’s a wonderful feeling walking out of the scorching weather into a room that has been cooled. Though, with great cooling power comes great electricity bills – not to mention the carbon footprint left of a constantly running air conditioner.

So, let’s break down the features you should watch out for.

#1 Programmable Temperature Settings

Personalisation is everything, dear friends. We’re living in a world where almost anything can be made to suit your exact needs – your temperature settings should be too. The new Haier VTH21 and VTK21 series offer features that will help you enjoy optimum energy efficiency with a flexible schedule to truly fine-tune your usage.


#2 Energy-Saving Settings 

Need there be more to be said? Eco Mode, as built into all our new Haier air conditioners, will efficiently turn off not only the compressor but also the fan once your space has cooled off, thus conserving energy; which is the ultimate goal. 


#3 Energy Star Certification

Look to the stars to determine if the air conditioner has met or exceeded higher efficiency than others. More stars, greater energy-savings. Pssst, the Haier VTH21 and VTK21 series are 5 stars rating.

#4 Trusted Manufacturing

You’re trying to sleep – not attend a heavy metal concert. A trusted brand will significantly improve not only your peace of mind but as they’re impeccably engineered with premium parts, they’re more efficient long-term. With Haier, there are no compromises; so, let’s leave the rattling to the snakes.

#5 Size Matters

The size of your air conditioners matters more than you’d think they would. A unit too large for the space would make for cooler air, but would also force the space to be damp and clammy. Equivalently, a unit too small will have to work overtime to maintain the set temperature. Not only will this drive up the bill, but it will wear out quicker, and you probably will have to fork out more money on servicing.

#6 Inverters

This is where it could get a little complicated. The key difference is that an inverter air conditioner will automatically adjust temperatures with precise control whereas a non-inverter air conditioner will not, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that a non-inverter model is the lesser option; it all bawls down to your usage.

A non-inverter motor can only run at full speed or shut down. This repeated on-off process can lead to unnecessary noise and use more energy, but not all non-inverter air conditioners are the same. This is where refrigerants come into play. When engineered with sustainable R32 refrigerant, as featured in a few of Haier’s air conditioners, offers greater cooling capacity and energy-saving. Adding to that, it won’t produce harmful emissions that are bad for the environment and they’re more affordable.


However, if you’re looking for an air conditioner designed for more frequent use, an inverter air conditioner is your best bet. An inverter can regulate the speed of its compressor motor, intuitively dropping the speed to conserve energy and refrigerant used to cool the air, providing a precise method of maintaining your desired temperatures.

Obviously, there is quite a bit to consider. You’ll need an air conditioner that not only offers incredible technologies but is energy-efficient and also more cost-effective in the long run. Introducing Haier’s new VTH21 and VTK21 Series Air Conditioners – these amazingly engineered models check all the right boxes so your energy bill and green conscience don’t have to go up while you cool down!

Get yours today, here.