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What To Look Out For When Buying A New Freezer

07-26 2021

What To Look Out For When Buying A New Freezer 


Description: Time for an upgrade from that standard, cramped freezer of yours? You’ve come to the right place for the ultimate freezer buying guide that not only fits your home but your lifestyle!  


Freezer Buying Guide 


So, you’re looking to upgrade your freezer for all your frozen food needs? Look no further, folks! We’ve created the ultimate guide to finding your freezing perfect match. 


First, let’s look at the types of freezers there are. 

Upright or Chest Freezer? 


There are two basic options for freezers. An upright freezer, sometimes referred to as a standing freezer, is designed as the name implies: vertically. Typically, these types of freezers are fitted with built-in shelving organisation for tall, horizontal storage space.  


A chest freezer, on the other hand, lays horizontally, and functions just as would a chest drawer. The box-like design for this type of freezer usually comes with a top-mounted door, like a lid, and offers deep freezing storing. 


Though there are some key differences between the two types, the main distinction is their orientation. Where a chest freezer lays flat so would generally offer more storage space, it is also bulkier and would require more floor space. An upright freezer looks like your traditional fridge with a front-mounted door which makes it better suited to most kitchen layouts. 



Ultimately, there isn’t a “better” freezer type – only better freezer options for your home.  


That being said, if you run a sizable household with many mouths to feed and meals to prepare, an upright freezer may be the one for you. With plenty of storage space and easily accessible built-in organisation systems, it’s a big family's dream, especially for homes with limited storage areas to work with.  


An upright freezer, such as the Haier BD-248WL Freezer would truly do wonders in your kitchen. Having that second freezer would not only expand your freezing capacities, but it also allows you to make meals in bulk and save more money in the long run! 


Right, so, now that you know the type of freezer you need, you’re technically all set to make your decision, right? No, not quite. Before you check that cart out, here are a few other things you need to consider when choosing the perfect upright freezer for your home. 

How It Measures Up 


Time to bring out the measuring tape, folks, because size does matter – especially with an upright freezer as you’re going to need to swing open the doors as would a standard fridge. 


Here’s a little tip. When measuring, it’s best to leave a little wiggle room at the top, back, and sides for ventilation. This will allow the heat produced by the freezer to escape, and not cause a heatwave in your home. 


Aesthetics Are Important 


Looks aren’t everything, except when they are. Upright freezers are generally more stylish, not just for aesthetic purposes, but will give you a better handle on your kitchen – such as the robust finishing of the Haier freezers. 


The fact that it looks great is an added bonus, particularly if you buy a matching Haier fridge. Then, you can put them side by side for one beautiful, seamless fridge-freezer combo. 


Smart Conveniences 


Remember, your freezer is something you will probably use every day. A frost-free freezer, much as the one impeccably designed in the BD-248WL, does more than just make it so you don’t need to bend down and hunch over to defrost and clean the freezer. Because there’s no frost, ice crystals won’t form and won’t spoil the taste and texture of your foods. 


The Freshest Features  


Speaking of conveniences, figuring out the features you actually need is incredibly important. After all, great technologies only work if they match your needs.  


Don’t look for the highest end of innovations in the market right now. Instead, ask yourself, what would you use them for? Besides, there’s no worry of revolutionary ideas and smart innovations with Haier. All your freezing needs and so much more are waiting for you with the Haier appliances! 


Still, it’s always great to know the features you need in a freezer. So, we’ve listed a few: 


  1. Intelligent Touch Control 


Even the slightest temperature changes can affect the freezing conditions. Easily control the temperature of your freezer with a user-friendly touch-function settings control panel 


2. Extra Large Drawer Design 


Store the entire chicken with zero worries whatsoever! Also, enjoy an organised storage system with easy view and access 


3. Deep Freezing 


Store your frozen foods fresher for longer with precise temperature of up to -26℃ 


4. High-Efficiency Compressor  


Don’t tax yourself too much trying to preserve the quality of your foods. Save energy and money with high performing airflow systems 

Pssst, the Haier BD-248WL Upright Freezer has all those features and so much more! 


Time to Check Out That Upright Freezer 


If you’re looking for loads of interior space to store all your frozen foods for the whole family whilst not taking up too much floor space either, you’ve found a perfect match in the Haier BD-248WL Upright Freezer!  


Let us upgrade you. Grab one today, here!