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Tips For A Better Ramadan & Raya With Haier

04-27 2022

As the blessed month of Ramadan nears an end with the anticipated Raya festivities just around the corner, many are already gearing up for the mouthwatering (and possibly headache-inducing) feasts to come - especially when family near and far are making it your way this year.

Save yourselves from stress, sweat, and tears with good appliances and the right features from Haier! 

Haier’s the Way this Ramadan & Raya

Everyone loves eating, but cooking? That’s a whole other story. Not many might have the mind to turn on a stove, much less prepare an entire feast by themselves. Keep efficient in the kitchen this holy month (and for days after too!) with these tips and Haier appliances.

#1 Planning is everything

“I’ll think about it tomorrow” doesn’t fly in the early hours or when there are hungry glares and stomachs grumbling at you. Make a plan for the daily sahur and berbuka menu and share it in the family group chat so you won’t have to answer “What are we eating?” another time.

And don’t worry if this is your first try in the kitchen. Haier has planned ahead for you! The Anti-Dry Technology equipped with the latest gas hob will automatically cut off and detect gas leaks and oils that exceed dangerous temperatures. Anyone (and everyone) is safe to cook now!


#2 Bulk up, folks

Stocking up is always a good idea - regardless if you’re a household of two, four, six or more, and especially important during fasting month and the holidays. You’re already exhausted through the days’ events, you don’t need to add the stress of delivering or running out to the nearest shop for a single stalk of lemongrass.

Psst. Pro-tip for your bulk groceries: stock up efficiently with Haier fridges and freezers for lasting freshness! 

#3 Prep basics ahead

Garlic, onion, shallots, and ginger are some of the most basic ingredients in recipes, and can easily be refrigerated for up to 3 months! Preparing it might be a tedious process, but it’ll be so worth it, and so delicious cooked over the latest Haier Gas Hob. The 5.3kW Big Fire Load feature locks and preserves all the natural flavours of your pre-prepared ingredients for a heavenly taste every bite. Chef promise!

#4 Clean as you cook

A lot of people might think “later, lah” when cooking, more so when you’re literally racing against the clock, but that “later” often translates to “within the next 5 business days” which leads to excess build-up around your cooking space. This can damage your products and possibly contaminate your meals. Luckily, Haier’s 8mm tempered glass makes it easy and safe to wipe as you go! And, the five-layer glass is explosion-proof, ensuring your safety in the kitchen. 


The Flexible Cut Out Size of the Haier Gas Hob also makes it easier to reposition your stoves to a more strategic, cooling placement in the kitchen. The adjustable embedding size is not only convenient for new homeowners or renters, but it also adds a more premium look to your kitchen.

#6 Convenience > Everything

Work smart, not hard. One-pot meals on the Haier Gas Hob are not only effortless but incredibly efficient with Bluetooth Connect! Sync up your Haier Gas Hob with the Haier HH-T900GC Kitchen Hood for seamless, convenient cooking. This also saves you the trouble and worry of remembering to turn off the hood.

And you can combine Haier appliances to make your Ramadan easier! Air fry your chicken or meats with the Haier Air Fryer for even-cooking before tossing it over the stove.


Rama-done Right with Haier

A good Gas Hob is essential for many homes and Haier does the hard work for you! The features of the Haier HC-QM72DB1 Gas Hob will make your Ramadan, Raya, and year-round cooking experience greater, safer, and more delicious. So, relax and enjoy the festivities without a single worry!

Grab yours now: kitchen hood & cooktop