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Haier embarks on a Major Regional Roadshow; unleashes a raft of new ‘intelligent’ design products.

04-11 2019


KUALA LUMPUR, (11 APRIL 2019): Haier Electrical Appliances (M) Sdn Bhd has embarked on a Roadshow to promote better living experience for consumers with the showcase of its home appliances.

The Roadshow will be held in three locations starting with Kuala Lumpur, followed by Johor Baru and Penang. 

Haier Malaysia Mr Shi ZhiYuan, managing director said, the objective of the Roadshow is to engage customers in innovative live events that provide an ideal platform for the company’s products and services as well as give visibility to their brand.

“It brings us closer to consumers by facilitating a face-to-face interaction and providing the perfect platform to showcase our products. Through Roadshows such as this, we are able to show live demo to customers and help them “experience” the products right at their door step. By directly engaging consumers to operate and view our array of products, we help identify the right products for their needs. This in turn helps in a deeper connect of customers in the evolution of our brand,” said Mr Shi ZhiYuan.


According to Mr Shi ZhiYuan, the brand will continue to innovate and serve the consumers with better home living products in a drive to elevate their living experience and lifestyle. 

"As the global home appliance industry enters the smart home era, Haier is there to walk with customers with newfound possibilities in the digital era. We want our products to not just be regular home appliances but provide great satisfaction to consumers and improve their lifestyle. Haier Malaysia has been experiencing double digit growth year-on-year. We have been able to accomplish this by being a consistently coherent and capable company: staying true to its core identity as a company dedicated to solving problems for consumers while continually reinventing itself with imagination and verve,” said Mr Shi ZhiYuan at the launch here, today.

Over the past 35 years, Haier has transformed from a major home appliance brand, with a record 10 consecutive years of world-leading sales, to a forward-looking smart home ecosystem brand.

Globally, Haier has been the No. 1 Brand in Refrigeration Appliances for 11 consecutive years, No. 1 Brand in Home Laundry Appliances for 10 consecutive years, No. 1 Brand in Freestanding Electric Wine Coolers/Chillers for 9 consecutive years and, No. 1 Brand in Freezers for 8 consecutive years.

"The brand continues to impress with their quality build, great looks and funky features, designed to address consumers looking for tech, quality and lifestyle. This new range of consumer products will change the way people do things at home. It is all about improving living standards and creating a different lifestyle for home living. We encourage consumers to experience the products at the Haier concept showroom and Haier Experience Centre in Setia Walk, Puchong," said Mr Shi ZhiYuan.

At the Haier Experience Centre, home owners can actually completely immerse into their product and solution where they can witness, touch and feel the products.

“Our core is to interact with consumers, engage with consumers, and achieve zero distance between Haier and the consumers. Through this interaction, we hope that consumers can experience the latest deliveries of Haier to Malaysia,” he said.

Haier currently boasts 300 retail outlets and major chain stores in Malaysia, all offering a full range of home appliances, from refrigerators and washing machines to LED TVs and smaller appliances. 

The next step for the brand is enhancing its 24/7 Customer Service Careline.

"We are proud to say that Haier is the 1 st in Home appliances brand that has a 24/7 Careline service. The direction that Haier is taking is customer engagement. We want to engage with our customers from product experience to service through Haier technology. Customers don't have to wait until the next day to call us if they are having trouble with their product after working hours. They can call the Careline and have their product schedule to be checked first thing in the morning. We want customers to know that Haier is a high-quality and reliable product with value added after sales services, and our products cater to different market segment needs," said Mr Shi ZhiYuan.

Mr Shi ZhiYuan said, the next step for Haier is to open their flagship Customer Service Centre in Puchong in June. The centre will be located adjacent to the company's current Haier Experience Centre.

The Haier Experience Centre will be open 6 days in a week; Monday to Friday 10 am–7 pm and Saturday 10 am–2 pm for customers who want to experience the range of product Haier has to offer. For more information, checkout www.haier.com/my or FB page: www.fb.com/HaierMalaysia

About Haier Group

Haier Electronics Group Co., Ltd. (Stock code: 01169.HK) (the “Company”), a subsidiary of Haier Group, is listed on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited. The Company and its subsidiaries (the “Group”) are principally engaged in: the research, development, manufacture and wholesale of washing machines and water heaters under Haier Group brands (“Haier”, “Casarte” and “Leader”); the distribution of electronics products of Haier Group in the PRC and logistics services under the name of “Gooday” in the PRC for large-format items, including but not limited to home appliances, furniture and fitness equipment.

Founded in 1984, Haier Group is headquartered in Qingdao, Shandong Province, the PRC and is one of the world’s leading white goods home appliance manufacturers engaging in the research, development, production and sale of a wide variety of household appliances (including the white goods) and consumer electronic goods in the PRC today. The products of Haier Group are now sold in over 100 countries. In 2017, Haier has once again been named by Euromonitor International as the number one major appliances brand in the world. This is the eighth consecutive year that Haier has received the accolade. The company’s immediate holding company is Qingdao Haier Co., Ltd. (Stock code: 600690.SH).

The seven core products by Haier displayed at the RoadShow and their description:

1. Refrigerator 

The latest range has humidity control system with wet and dry zones. Households can now store food 2X longer, with 3X the preservation effects. The cooling speed is 20 per cent faster and energy use is 19 per cent lower. Healthy.Hygienic.Hybrid - These are some of the other benefits households can enjoy. There is 99.9% antibacterial protection, no odour mixing between compartments and low electric consumption (less than 1kWh/24h). The technology allows for your stored food to stay fresh longer.


2. Icebar

Haier will bring the first ever Ice Bar in Malaysia which allows multi storying of wine, soft drink and dry food together. The unique technology that the Ice Bar has is Quadlet Filter, where the deoxidization slows down the fruit oxidation process. It also has the Digital Touch Control - for easier one-touch control; Intelligent IC Control - which gives you automatic optimum temperature for each compartment; Dry Food Compartment - capable of storing dry food and prolonging food storage duration; Tempered Glass with Heater - which is warp resistant and equipped with heater that prevents it from fogging up. The ice bar is designed as a compact and easy-to-be-moved gesture. Its unique design can store different food categories and be easily accessed. By taking care about the doors’ portion and combining glass and metal material, it gives a premium look. By transparent door and illumination with different colours, the food stored in the refrigerator is exhibited beautifully.

3. Freezer

The 6-in-one Air Surrounding Freezer is a stylish, efficient and good value freezer that won't disappoint. Its offers 6 different types storage options, best for quick freezing, refrigeration, ice temperature, soft freezing, freezing and deep freezing. The freezer boasts efficient energy rating, advanced fan ventilation technology which ensures balanced temperature and fast cooling, as well as a rather sumptuous aluminium inner plater for a chemical-free inner design and 100 hours cooling retention. The biggest benefit that the freezer will bring to households is the six freezing choices - freezing, partial freezing, deep freezing, quick freezing, refrigeration and ice temperature.

4. Washing Machine

Haier's new range washing machine uses leading air wash technology. The innovative system marks the beginning of a new era as a third cleaning method, after washing with water and dry cleaning. The new technique cleans and restores the fabrics without them coming into contact with water, providing a washing method that cleans while not harming garments. Now you can wash silk, leather, wool, gown, down coat and jacket and blazer. The Submarine tub that comes with this new range of washing machine protects laundry from secondary pollution from dirt and bacteria. It brings eco-friendly, hygienic and care-protection for both laundry and your loved ones. The biggest benefits this washing machine will bring is stability, save resources (water and energy), silent operation and durable.

5. Room Air-Cond

The smart clean expert - that brings you to Haier's latest air-conditioning system. This new design is equipped with Smart Clean - Cold Expansion Technology, Hydrophilic aluminium foil, A-PAM inverter, Easy Installation Structure, Strong Air flow and PID Inverter Control. Some of the perk's you will enjoy is the latest smart clean technology - it kills up to 99.9% bacteria for clean and healthy air. It also has energy savings and provides the most efficient cooling performance, as well as 3D air flow whereby the fan speed can be adjusted according to your wish.

6. TV

Haier's upcoming range of TV is built in with Miracast technology. Miracast is a feature that offers screen mirroring function which allowing you to send contents from your smartphone to our Haier LED TV without any cables or router. With Miracast tech you can experience a SMART TV just by using your android smartphone. You can stream data such as videos, audio, photos, games and other apps on your Android Smartphones and devices to your TV. Its mobile phone screen sharing made as easy as 1-2-3.


7. Kitchen Appliances

The Haier Kitchen Appliances include new range of Hood, Hod and Oven, just what you need to enjoy cooking fun. The Hood (HH-T985), with Fisher & Paykel DD Inverter Technology is the 1st of its kind in Malaysia and offers minimal sound even with strong suction capability as there is low vibration. Now you are going to enjoy cooking even more. For the Gas Hob series, the perks consumers will enjoy include double

safety and worth


protection with Anti Dry Tech and Flame Failure Device feature that prevents dry burning and gas leak. Anti-Dry Tech ensures the stove will automatically turn off after 60 seconds of dry burning. The other benefits are 8mm tempered glass thickness for heavy duty cooking, and easy maintenance. The tempered glass finishing gives the stove an elegant look and it’s easier to clean up after cooking every meal. Gone are the days when you spend 10-15  minutes to clean the Hob after cooking. The new range just makes life easy, safety and worth cooking!