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Haier's Solution to Establish a World-class Enterprise

09-03 2018

From September 1st to 2nd, 2018, the "2018 China Top 500 Enterprises Summit" was held in Xi'an. Zhou Yunjie, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors and President of Haier Group attended the event and delivered a speech entitled "From 3H to 3E", which told the story of Haier’s innovation and exploration of the Internet paradigm.

In China's top 500 companies list, Haier is at the top rank

The Top 500 Enterprise Summit was jointly established by the China Enterprise Confederation and the China Entrepreneur Association. It has been held for 17 sessions since 2002. The theme of this summit is "To create a world-class enterprise: the development of large enterprises in the new era". More than 1,000 people including leaders of China's top 500 enterprises, senior leaders of China's top 500 enterprises, famous experts and scholars, and mainstream media representatives attended the meeting.

In fact, the most striking feature of each session is the "Annual List of China Top 500 Enterprises" released during the forum. The Chinese economic "barometer" was announced during the forum, and Haier Group ranked among the best in the list. Such a result was naturally not unexpected. After all, Qingdao Haier, a subsidiary of Haier Group, had just entered the Fortune 500 in 2018. However, the industry has been paying more attention to the innovation and inspiration brought by Haier.

 "From 3H to 3E", Haier's "second curve"

Throughout this list, many companies are based on the "re-maintainment" and "re-expansion" of existing resources, as Wang Zhongyu, President of the China Enterprise Confederation and China Entrepreneur Association, said, "According to research, China’s existing products and technologies have reached world-class standards, but in terms of brand, culture, business model, especially innovation ability, standard discourse power, etc., the world-class enterprises are still in a small number."

Since Chinese enterprises must strive to the world-class tier, they must come up with competitive and innovative ideas. As Haier, which has been committed to "continuously breaking up and restructuring innovation", it has brought the message that people want to hear. Zhou Yunjie, Vice Chairman and President of Haier Group, delivered a keynote speech entitled "From 3H to 3E", in which "3H" means high-quality products, high-quality systems, and high-quality people, while "3E" refers to the ecosystem, eco-income, eco-brand. Zhou Yunjie said, "The growth of products has limits and bottlenecks. To achieve sustainable high-quality development, we must constantly look for the 'second curve' of enterprise growth, and "3E" is the second curve of the high-quality development of enterprises in the IoT era."

The "3E" model is the core of the entire IoT ecosystem. With the innovative model, we constantly create the best experience for users while perceiving the needs of users, thus realizing the value of the enterprise itself.

Haier continues the exploration of IoT paradigm

Putting aside the theory, let's start from Haier's actions. Haier has turned the traditional "electric appliance" into the "networked appliance" with better experience: Haier washing machines are connected with users, clothing manufacturers and other parties through RFID technology, and thus gather and integrate data such as textiles, garments and detergents; in addition to storing red wine, Haier's wine cellars can also identify and trace the origin of wines. So the red wine with guaranteed quality and worthy price imported from the country of origin will be sold directly through the smart shared wine cellars that are placed in the restaurant to the user.

These outputs around the needs of users not only promote the development of Haier, but also promote the development of the entire industry. After achieving a series of market results, Haier's user-needs-centered Rendanheyi model, has also been highly praised by many management masters. On September 20 this year, the so-called "Davos in Management" – The 2nd Rendanheyi Forum will be held in Qingdao, when Gary Hamel, David Teece, Moss Kanter, Danah Zohar and many other world-class management masters will gather together to present a feast of thoughts with Zhang Ruimin, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of Haier Group.

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