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Accelerate Middle East and Africa deployment! Haier Smart Home holds dealer conference

05-07 2024

On May 2nd local time, the 2024 Haier Smart Home Middle East and Africa dealer conference and strategic launch event was held in Cairo, Egypt, with the theme of "Breaking Through Leadership and Win-Win Cooperation". At the event, Haier Smart Home showcased a variety of high-end products and five smart scenarios and released its performance achievements and future strategic deployment in the Middle East and Africa region.

This dealer conference is not only a platform for Haier Smart Home to showcase its achievements in the Middle East and Africa region, but also provides a good opportunity for it to further strengthen its cooperative relationship with regional dealers, promote market expansion, and enhance its brand image. So far, Haier Smart Home has achieved a threefold growth in the Middle East and Africa region and has grown at a rate of more than one time the industry as a whole. The opening of the Egypt Eco-Park will inject new vitality into its performance growth and further expand its globalization deployment.

Focus on local user needs, showcasing latest products and scenario

The Middle East and Africa region, with its huge development potential, has become an important deployment point for many home appliance companies to create new growth channels. For example, the home appliance market in Egypt has a scale of over $1 billion and is expected to expand further in the coming years. To seize the development opportunities in the Middle East and Africa markets, Haier Smart Home has been continuously advancing its three-in-one localization strategy, focusing on innovation based on local user needs and launching a series of differentiated and customized products, which are now widely recognized by the local market.

For example, the high-end products displayed at this conference focus on the local users' lifestyle and eating habits. Haier Smart Home has jointly studied with professional institutions the scientific storage methods of 2220 kinds of ingredients, and developed the HRF-690 series refrigerator, equipped with the latest preservation technology, achieving first-class health preservation, and advanced sterilization technology, with a sterilization rate of 99.9%. Based on the local users' habit of wearing robes and having large laundry loads, Haier Smart Home has launched the 979 series washing machine, equipped with a 525mm super large drum, which can save 45% of the laundry time, and can also achieve energy saving, water saving, and quiet washing. In response to the users' demand for air conditioners with disinfection and sterilization functions, Haier Smart Home has launched the Thor series air conditioner, equipped with 3D sterilization function at the same time, and  equipped with a dual ion sterilizer, with a sterilization rate of 99% within 2 hours.

At the same time, Haier Smart Home also focuses on the experience of scenes and has exhibited the five smart scenes of the intelligent entrance, intelligent living room, intelligent kitchen, intelligent bedroom, and intelligent bathroom on site. For example, in the smart kitchen, users can not only easily manage the food in the refrigerator through the Hismart app, but also intelligently control the oven and remind users of the current food status at any time during the baking process, making cooking more convenient and free.

At the event, Haier Smart Home also released the Middle East and North Africa regional strategy and product strategy, further deepening its market layout in the Middle East and North Africa.

Complete localization of the Middle East and North Africa market, leading in both high-end and comprehensive aspects

In addition to high-end products and smart scene experiences, Haier Smart Home also visited the newly opened Haier Egypt Eco-Park with Middle East and North Africa distributors on the spot. Under the aggregation and empowerment of the Egypt Eco-Park, Haier Smart Home can form standardized and scaled local production, responding faster to the local market while significantly reducing transportation costs. Currently, the Haier Egypt Eco-Park Phase I covers air conditioners, washing machines, and TV products, meeting the localization needs of Egypt while radiating the Middle East, Africa, and European markets.

Moreover, in recent years, Haier Smart Home has successively opened the Haier Egypt brand store in Cairo City Stars Mall, appeared at the Dubai Big 5 industry exhibition, and opened the Haier Smart Home 001 brand store in Saudi Arabia... Haier Smart Home is enhancing its competitiveness and brand influence in the Middle East and Africa market through optimizing product structure, setting up brand stores, and participating in industry exhibitions. In the high-end market, Haier Smart Home is becoming the top choice by meeting user needs and supporting local innovation to create a premium brand. For example, the proportion of high-end models in Haier Egypt's washing machine products has reached 60%+; the 979 series of high-end roller dryers has seen a 200% increase in sales, with a price index of 166.

The leadership in the Middle East and Africa market is just one snapshot of Haier Smart Home's global brand-building achievements. Today, Haier Smart Home has achieved leadership in different regions around the world: In the United States, GE Appliances has become the leading home appliance company; in Europe, Haier Smart Home has achieved the fastest market growth for eight consecutive years; in New Zealand, Fisher & Paykel holds the No.1 position in the white goods market; in Pakistan, Haier has the No.1 market share; in Vietnam, AQUA washing machines have the No.1 market share; and in Thailand, Haier air conditioners and refrigerators have the No.1 market share.

In the future, Haier Smart Home will further deepen its three-in-one localization strategy and adhere to the principle of promoting globalization with localization and serving globalization with localization. Through more high-quality products, Haier Smart Home will bring users an upgraded lifestyle experience and become the firm choice of more users, thus helping Haier Smart Home's globalization strategy reach a new level.

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