Question: Cannot set temperature

For the  refrigerator with  display panel:

1, First , press the lock button to unlock the panel. At this time you can adjust the temperature of the fridge/freezer storage compartment by pressing the fridge or freezer temperature adjustment key. After adjustment, if there is no key action in 5 seconds, the displayed value will stop flashing and return to original value to display actual temperature of the fridge/freezer storage compartment.
2, When the temperature indication flashes, it displays temperature setting, i.e. the temperature desired. After the setting is completed the refrigerator will confirm your setting and stop flashing. At this time, the display will recover to actual temperature of the fridge/freezer storage compartment. As the temperature you set has certain difference with the actual temperature in the compartment, it needs a temperature balance process. After that it will display the setting temperature gradually.

If the panel is unlocked, but the temperature or the panel can’t be controlled, please call for Haier service

For the refrigerator without display panel

If the refrigerator is not cooling or cooling excessive, you can reset the thermostat. If the refrigerator can’t be normal, please call for Haier service

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