Question: What to do if the appliance run frequently or runs for a too long period of time?

  1. The indoor or outdoor temperature is too high.In this case,it is normal for the appliance to run looger.

  2. The appliance has been off power for a period of time.Normally,it takes 8 to 12 hours for the appliance to cool down completely.

  3. A door of the appliances is not tightly closed.Close the door and ensure the appliances is located on a level ground and there is no food or container jarring the door.

  4. The door has been opened too frequently or too long.Do not open the door too frequently.

  5. The temperature setting for the freezer compartments is too low.Set the temperature higher until a satisfactory refrigerator temperature is obtained.It takes 24 hours for the reffigerator temperature to become stable.

  6. The door gasket is dirty worn cracked or mismatched.Clean the door gasket or replace them by the customer service.

  7. The required air circulation is not guaranteed.Ensure adequate ventilation.

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