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Haier Tanzania Opened A New Service Center

01-30 2024

On November 16, 2023, the new service center of Haier Tanzania opened and held a press conference. The press conference invited local mainstream TVs, newspapers and other media to participate, and more than a dozen media reported the opening ceremony.


The new service center will provide fast and high -quality services for users in Tanzania. The establishment of the service center and improvement of Haier's local service system, which further improves Haier's localization level in Tanzania. As a local high -end brand, Haier not only provides differentiated high -end products, but also provides a considerate service experience. The official website of Haier Tanzania is updated simultaneously to promote local retail transformation.


On the day of the service center's opening, users came to make appointment calls. After confirming the user's needs, Haier service engineers quickly came to the door and immediately solved her problem which received the appreciation of the user. Haier will continue to serve Tanzania users with a user -centric concept.









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