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Standard 2-Year Manufacturer’s warranty  

Haier offers a standard 24 months call out, parts and labour guarantee on all home appliances.  

To qualify for the benefits under the guarantee, you must be able to provide proof of date of purchase with your appliance registration confirmation and the appliance must have been supplied, maintained and used in accordance with Haier instructions. 


In addition to the two-year manufacturer's warranty, Haier has provided additional warranties on selected home appliances to fulfil our commitment to offer the very best customer service and support.


Haier is not responsible for any service costs due to the following reasons below. The cost of labor and parts for the intervention may be charged to the customer: 

- Faults due to customer misuse and/or improper use and/or not respecting that stated in the user manual accompanying the product at the time of sale, or due to lightning or other weather phenomena, over/under voltage, Voltage fluctuations, and over current or insufficient or irregular electric power supply, Load shedding, inadequate ventilation, incorrect use or non-compliance with the technical and/or safety requirements in Pakistan. Haier will not be responsible to compensate any damage caused by such products. ·    

- Faults caused by operations or modifications to the product carried out by an unauthorized person and compensation for any damage caused by such products. 

- Fault or loss from work to be done with ladders, trucks, scaffolding or other lifting systems or equipment. 

- Product is checked / repaired or any part replaced through any unauthorized person or unauthorized service center. 

- Accidental damage or damage resulting from loss, improper user, or non-use of the product, damage caused by loss of information, stored by the customer in any form, or for loss of food due to failure of the refrigeration system. 

- Failure to follow the Haier Service Engineer advice to the customer on how to operate and maintain the product (instructions are also found in user manual supplied along with each product).

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