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Haier Brand Shop in Tanzania

06-18 2024

On June 5, 2024, the Haier Brand Store was inaugurated at Milanicity mall, the largest commercial center in Tanzania, marking another upgrade in Haier's localization efforts in Tanzania.


During the opening ceremony, the Haier Tanzania country manager showcased the local branding achievements and expressed gratitude towards the partners for their efforts.

Since entering the Tanzanian market in 2023, centered around the strategic goal of high-end branding, Haier has introduced a range of home appliances to thousands of Tanzanian households. These include the globally leading T-door refrigerator with separate dry and wet storage, a freezer that maintains freezing for 150 hours without thawing, the world's largest drum diameter washing machine, energy-efficient inverter air conditioners, Smart AI TVs, and complete kitchen appliance sets.


The new store features Haier's full range of high-end products, including the debut of the new T-door refrigerator series. As the most premium line in Haier Tanzania, this refrigerator's fresher shield feature reduces temperature fluctuations in the freezer by 40%, cuts moisture loss from food by 60%, doubles the freshness duration, and saves 3% on energy consumption, attracting attention and affection from attendees.图片

As of May, Haier Tanzania's revenue has already surpassed that of the entire year of 2023, with growth of 50% in high-end series products such as refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, and air conditioners. The establishment of this Brand Store not only provides users with a new venue for experiencing Haier products up close but also demonstrates Haier Tanzania's commitment to deeply engaging with the local market. 
Going forward, Haier will continue to adhere to the "user-centered" philosophy, continuously innovate and iterate based on the needs of Tanzanian users, and enhance product offerings, user service, and the overall user experience, providing users with comfortable, convenient, and intelligent home living solutions.

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