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  • Smart Clean
  • Nano-Aqua Ionizer
  • Champagne Gold Design
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Smart Clean
Smart Clean technology detaches dirt and bacteria when freezing and washes it away when defrosting with just a button.
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Smart Control
Haier Wi-Fi control technology provides you the convenience of controlling your air conditioning system via your smart phone, tablet or PC.
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Nano-Aqua Ionizer
The Nano-Aqua Ionizer reacts with water to generate micro-cluster water which can be easily absorbed by the skin, keeping it moist and supple.
4. Smart Inverter.jpg.jpg
Smart Inverter
With Triple Linkage Frequency Modulation(TLFM) control, Haier Inverter plus technology achieve high efficiency in all frequency, making cooling faster and more powerful.
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Enjoy hassle free operation and ease of mind for 3 years general and 10 years on compressor.
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