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LED technology enables us to provide you with the best picture thanks to the LED's placed all around the entire screen. With LED backlight technology, it is possible to make televisions "ultra slim" while at the same time improving the picture quality by increasing the colour and contrast display. The new LED TV's consume much less electricity than traditional flat screens and do not contain any mercury. Not only are you saving money and space, you're helping to save the environment.

Haier Milestones & Awards

  • 2011According to a brand survey in Japan, brand recognition of Haier reached 43.6% .
  • 2011In Pakistan, Haier air conditioners and washing machines came first with market share of 33% and 21%
  • 2002Haier Japan Sales Co., Ltd. was founded, which marked Haier’s official entry into the Japanese market.
  • 2005Haier's sales volume of exceeding one million in Japan
  • 2006Description: The "Haier - Ruba Economic Zone" led by Haier was founded officially in Pakistan,
  • 2011Haier acquired the washing machine and home refrigerator business of Sanyo Electric in Japan and its business in Southeast Asia and other regions, and integrated resources to achieve the first-class R & D, design and marketing capability that takes the lead in the industry.

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Haier is committed to constantly innovating and improving its products to make consumers’ lives simpler and easier, increasingly bringing corporate knowledge and efforts to bear in the joint effort to create a perfect world.

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