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Keep Your Cool as You Cook & 10 Easy Recipes to Try!

05-15 2020

Useful tips to minimise cooking stress


While cooking is a great stress-reliever for some, there are many of us who can be overwhelmed by the anxiety that cooking brings. Cooking at home should be a form of enjoyment and not a source of stress, so here are some tips on how to keep your cool as you cook! 


Always plan

Plan at least a day ahead to avoid a stressful start. It also allows you to prepare yourself mentally and physically for the process that lies ahead. You can even create a 1-week meal plan if you are feeling extra ambitious!

Whip up desserts that can be kept in the refrigerator and you could have a week's worth of sweet treats.



Prep in advance

Prep work – which can be done the day before, includes thawing the necessary ingredients, checking if you are missing any items, or laying out the necessary cookware in advance.

Bonus tip: Start with easy dishes like our 5-ingredient Provence Roasted Vegetables!



Start clean

Keep your cooking experience a clean and seamless one by starting with a spotless sink. Do not start cooking with a sink full of dirty dishes as the pile of unwashed items will always be on your mind while you cook. The utensils that you need for cooking might still be unwashed and interrupting your cooking to wash them will disrupt the process. 


Pick clever appliances

Reduce your cooking stress with appliances and kitchen tools that help you cook better! Haier’s intelligent Anti-Dry Tech automatically turns off the stove after 60 seconds of dry burning or 3 minutes of burning without cookware.



Turn up the music

Crank up your favourite tunes and make cooking a fun and light-hearted experience! Powered by Fisher & Paykel, Haier's Direct Drive Motor in its hoods produces less than 48dBA of noise, so your music will not be drowned out by loud noises.



Ready to cook? Here are more useful recipes you could add into your meal plan for the week.