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What is an Android TV and why is it worth it?

11-03 2020

W0202011_WM_01_tv    A TV with slim bezel design for infinite display such as the Haier LE65K6600UG LED UHD Android TV may be a deciding factor, but people are looking beyond just hardware features nowadays.

Not too long ago, watching TV meant picking up the remote control and flipping through channels to try your luck at stumbling upon something interesting. Now, watching TV is made smarter with innovations that give us immediate access to all we want and more.

With the plethora of new TV innovations these days, you need to familiarise yourself with the latest technological features before shopping for one that will be the right fit for your home. By now, you are probably familiar with the current standard of Smart TVs in the market, but do you know what an Android TV is?

W0202011_WM_02_entertainment    Enjoy endless entertainment from the comfort of your home with the Haier LE65U6900UG LED UHD Android TV.

Evolved from the traditional screen, both Smart TVs and Android TVs are multimedia capable devices with built-in apps and internet connectivity to offer a wider variety of entertainment. As you may have guessed from its name, an Android TV runs on the reputable Android operating system specially configured for TVs to transform the TV viewing experience to an on-demand one.

Here is the main difference—Android TV users have access to the Google Play Store, a huge marketplace with a massive number of apps to browse and download, making it a way more versatile choice than Smart TVs. Many of these apps are specifically developed with Android TVs in mind to provide a seamless and fuss-free viewing experience on the big screen.

Whether you are into the latest blockbusters, trending dramas, or DIY tutorials, the options are endless with an Android TV. With one click of a button, you can discover thousands of movies, shows, and videos from your favourite streaming services, including Netflix and YouTube. These subscription services even help you discover what to watch next with recently viewed content and new recommendations.

When you are in the mood for some interactive entertainment, you can pull up some games from the library in no time and have some fun by yourself, or challenge your family and friends to multiplayer battles and races. With an Android TV, there are plenty of games that can be played without game consoles or controllers. You can simply use your smartphone as the remote and get in on some gaming action right away.

03_R1.jpg    Entertainment is always best enjoyed with vivid visuals. The Haier LE65U6900UG LED UHD Android TV comes with a wide colour gamut screen and superb sound effects for your ultimate satisfaction.

While Android TVs and mobile devices are highly capable on their own, your viewing experience will be greatly enhanced when these two smart devices are brought together. With the handy Chromecast feature by Google built-in to your TV, you can put your small screen on your big screen and cast photos, videos, and any other content from your phone to your TV seamlessly.

Android TVs also come with the incredibly convenient built-in Google Assistant that allows you to ask questions, pull up content, and check the news via voice command. Additionally, it can help control your smart home devices such as dimming the lights for the perfect home theatre ambience.

202008_WM_04_Chromecast    Built-in Chromecast and Google Assistant in the Haier LE65U6900UG LED UHD Android TV will be your first step to living the smart home dream.

As a whole, Android TVs are definitely worth it as they offer the most options and customisation among any other conventional streaming systems available in the market.

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