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Chinese New Year Preparation Tips with Haier Home Appliances!

01-18 2021

Chinese New Year preparations begin a couple weeks before the celebration. Managing all aspects of a household during this festive season can be challenging as there are so many chores that have to be done, meals to be cooked and relatives to impress. This new year, it is important to start off on the right foot to enjoy an amazing year full of luck and prosperity. Start new and fresh this Chinese New Year with innovative Haier home appliances that will add extra convenience to your life. 


1.   Clean more things in one go.

In order to get ready for Chinese New Year like a pro, it is recommended to wash your clothes, kitchen towels, and curtains by using a high-quality washer with a big washing capacity. With Haier 979 Series, this 12kg smart machine allows you to wash more laundry in one go, saving you extra time so that you can also focus on other chores for the celebration. Truth be told, this is definitely a must-have home appliance for the busy adults out there.

2. Less washes for more variety.

During Chinese New Year celebrations, your clothing can transition from clean to dirty rather quickly. From all the delicious foods and festive activities, your clothes can easily suffer from stains and damage. Haier 979 Series washing machine features the Anti-Bacterial Treatment (ABT) that protects against mould and bacteria forming in vulnerable areas such as in the detergent drawer and gasket for cleaner laundry. This technology is able to prevent bacteria growth by 99.9%, so that you can enjoy hygienic and cleaner clothes with less washes this festive season.

3.    Get vibrant festive outfits effortlessly.

Not to forget, Haier 979 Series washer is also equipped with I-REFRESH technology to refresh your new festive clothes professionally, even the most precious ones. This technology provides cool air flow, which permits impurity particles to be swept away and returns fiber to its original shape, colour, shininess and clarity. Along with its effective colour mixing feature, you can now enjoy vibrant-looking and odour-free outfits effortlessly for Chinese New Year 2021. Pretty cool, huh?


4. Plan your meals early.

You must have been wondering, how is a refrigerator going to help simplify your festive preparation? Well, with all the hard work that you do such as cooking and prepping the foods, it is time to add a new smart refrigerator in your home as a little self-reward for you and to impress your guests.

With smart Haier Side By Side Refrigerator, you can now plan your festive meals ahead without worrying about what’s still safe to eat on the day of the celebration. This fridge provides 360 Degree Air Flow System, a faster no-frost cooling technology for maximized hygiene. This technology helps to keep your raw items and pre-prepared Chinese New Year meals fresh longer without the need for you to throw or waste any food.

5. Don’t forget snacks too!

To set the record straight, Haier Side By Side Refrigerator is not your average electrical device. Make your life simpler with its Adjustable Shelves, which allow you to adjust the height according to the volume of foods you have, especially in preparation for Chinese New Year large dinner parties. With the flexible compartments provided by the fridge, you can easily keep raw food and your favourite Chinese New Year snacks together. Choose a smarter storage solution with Haier refrigerator to impress your friends and family this joyous season!


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