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Haier Keeps It Clean: Essential Appliances for A Hygienic Home

08-21 2021

By now, we don’t need to remind you the importance of keeping your hygiene. Still, here are a few reasons to up your game with the squeaky-cleanest Haier appliances!

Hygiene Starts At Home

Wash your hands, wipe down surfaces, sanitise your parcels - we’re sure you’re probably already doing all the basics and more. Even so, what if we told you there are smarter solutions to step up your game with up to 99.99% sterilisation.

We all know there’s nothing more important for good health than the food we eat, the clothes we wear every day, and the air we breathe. So, maintaining the best hygiene starts with the cleanest appliances for your home!

Top to Bottom Hygiene With the Freshest Technologies

How often do you open your fridge door? Whether you’re making a meal or simply just bored, it’s the pinnacle of a home. Unfortunately, it’s also where the breeding of germs happens most, especially if you’re a house with many tiny, curious fingers. 

Enter Haier! Superior engineering delivers outstanding energy efficiency and super-fast cooling, but most importantly, intelligent preservation of life’s flavours minus the germs. Designed with freshness in mind, T-ABT dual ion sterilisation disinfects your foods up to 99.99% against bacteria, dirt, and any other contaminants in your fridge.

Another great tip to remove germs is to avoid overcrowding the fridge. We understand the temptations of a full fridge, especially with the convenient and wide storage system of the Haier HTF-540DGG7 Refrigerator, but spoilt leftovers and mouldy produce can be a virus playground. Place foods with a closer expiration date front and centre and in its ideal zone - be it with MyZone or the HCS Wet & Dry Zones!


Take the Load Off With Hygiene Care

“Just throw it in the wash. It'll be clean.” True, but also not really. Contrary to popular belief, most washing machines aren’t actually self-cleaning and could harbour plenty of harmful germs. Frankly, if you’ve not had a proper cleaning out in a hot minute, it could very well be a germ fest in there - featuring harmful bacteria on the drums.

Haier created the most hygienic care for your clothes, delivering professional-level laundry results in the comfort of your home. From ABT, I-Refresh to Dual Spray technologies, each of these features have been designed to refresh your clothes in a highly effective and innovative manner, using the most hygienic technologies to remove odours, fine dust, and allergens whilst protecting against mould and bacteria from forming in vulnerable areas! A cleaner machine means cleaner laundry every cycle.

So, while, yes, adding your clothes in the wash after running essential errands will clean them, it won’t disinfect them from possible harmful particles stuck to your clothes. Especially if the inside of your washer was already contaminated to begin with. Get the most hygienic care for your clothes with the HWD120-B14979 Front Load Washer & Dryer! 


Filter Out All the Bad Vibes With Smart Clean

You’ve kept your distance, ensured your foods are protected, and sanitised your clothes, you’re good, right? Don’t breathe a sigh of relief just yet. In fact, hold your breath until you start filtering your air! 

Even before, you know, the whole global pandemic factor, having healthy air quality was trés important. A simple Google search will tell you just the reason for it. Amongst airborne debris, dust, even particulate matter, filtering your indoor air is essential to a healthy home. 

The Smart Clean feature on the Haier Inverter Series is a purification solution that cleans out pathogens, ensuring the air circulating is safe to breathe. And, have no worries about the electricity bill. With Eco Mode, it’ll filter your electricity bills down up to 63% energy-saving!

On a less dramatic note, healthier air also improves mood and productivity! Perfect to boost your WFH and classroom at home focus.


Haier Keeps It Clean and Real

A healthy home starts with Haier smart solutions! Check out the next level of clean technologies now.

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