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Why Your Business Needs A Haier Chest Freezer

09-21 2021

Reasons Your Business Needs the New Haier Chest Freezer Now

As we all head back into the new norms, it’s probably time for your old freezers got an upgrade catered to the new times as well. The new Haier Chest Freezer Series can propel your business forward with the latest innovations and technologies.


If you’re thinking “aren’t all freezers just the same?” - fair in the point that they all have the same goal: to freeze, but there are many types of freezers, features, and uses not only restricted to businesses in the Food and Beverage industry as many might think.


From pharmacies to grocery stores, and even florists, freezers are an essential equipment for many businesses. So, naturally, it’s important to invest in the right ones, such as the new Haier Chest Freezer Series!


Let’s deep dive into the essentials of a freezer.


We’ve said it before in our previous article, which you should definitely check out for a more comprehensive account of What To Look Out For When Buying A New Freezer but there isn’t a “better” freezer type - only better freezer options for your needs.


If you’re a restaurant owner, you may already understand the importance of a chest freezer, but even if you aren’t, there are many benefits to owning one.


#1 More Room For Storage


If you’re a business tight on space, a chest freezer is a necessity. Designed for storing frozen items in large quantities within a smaller footprint, the Haier BD-318HEC Chest Freezer can easily be placed strategically into your space for optimum storing capacity.


Not to mention the deep storage offers the ability to store large chunks of items along with everyday consumer and ready-made foods effortlessly without needing to vacuum seal items just for that little bit of extra room in them.



#2 Seal In Freshness, Lock Out Bacteria


Regardless of the field of business you’re in, you clearly don’t need bad bacteria, dirt, and dust near your precious items - especially on your frozen foods. Just as any other Haier innovation, the Haier Chest Freezers are packed with Anti-Bacterial technologies that will protect and preserve your foods against all harmful particles, not even allowing entry with the convenient and secure Removable Anti-Bacterial Door Seal.


#3 No Power? No Problem


Unfortunately, blackouts can happen at any time. Fortunately for your business, most technologically advanced chest freezers are equipped with up to 100 hours cooling retention - including the latest Haier Chest Freezer Series. Rain, shine, thunder or power outage, always be prepared with Haier.


#4 Freezer or Fridge, The Choice is Yours


One of the most convenient yet rarely featured characteristics of a chest freezer is the Freezer Fridge Convertibility. With Haier’s Electronic Control Panel, convert your entire freezer into a refrigerator for maximum convenience and cold-storage flexibility in just a simple click!



#5 Zero Waste Means Energy Too


A greener world includes the efficiency of your appliances. The Haier Chest Freezers function off a High Efficiency Compressor. Not only does this speed up the refrigeration and freezing capabilities, it also offers a higher power-efficient machine for more durability as well.



Now that you understand the importance of a chest freezer, here are a few cool secrets to foods you never knew you could freeze.



Fresh Herbs



Cooked Rice



Let Us Upgrade You


Haier gives you smart cooling technologies that truly adapt to your unique needs. The NEW Haier Chest Freezer Series are the perfect combination of refined design, advanced technologies, and optimum space management.


Elevate your freezing capabilities, and grab yours today! 

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